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Agriculture Student Exchange Program in University of Sydney

Students enrolled in courses offered through the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment are welcome to apply for exchange. However, to ensure that you are able to progress satisfactorily towards your major and possibly Honors, you need to consult your Academic Adviser before submitting an exchange application.

Undergraduate Agriculture students normally go on exchange in 3rd year and spend a maximum of one Semester on exchange. With faculty approval, Agriculture students may go on exchange in 2nd year and for two semesters. Agriculture students may go on exchange at the postgraduate level for coursework or research with faculty permission.

Exchange is possible in the following courses:

• Bachelor of Agricultural Economics
• Bachelor of Environmental Systems (3 years)
• Bachelor of Resource Economics
• Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
• Master of Philosophy in Agriculture

Past undergraduate students have taken courses in areas such as Agriculture; Agricultural Economics and Business; Animal Science; Environmental Science; other Sciences eg: Biology, Chemistry, Geography

Course offerings at host universities also cover other potentially relevant areas such as Agribusiness; Agricultural Economics; Agronomy; Animal Science; Conservation Science; Environmental Design; Environmental Studies; Farm Management; Forestry; Horticulture; Plant Science; Resource Geology.

Some recommended University-wide exchange destinations for Agriculture majors include:


• McGill University, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (
• University of Alberta, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences and
• University of Alberta, Faculty of Arts and Science (Agricultural Biotechnology,
• Agricultural Studies) (
• University of British Columbia, Faculty of Land and Food Systems (
• University of Guelph, Ontario Agricultural College and
• University of Guelph, College of Management and Economics (
• University of Manitoba, Faculty of Arts (AgEc only) (

United Kingdom

• University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment (
• University of Nottingham, School of Biosciences (


• Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (
• Purdue University, College of Agriculture (
• University of California, Berkeley (College of Natural Resources) and
• University of California, Davis (wide range of Ag majors) (
• University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (
• University of North Carolina System (
• Campuses: NCA&T= North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University;
• NCSU= North Carolina State University; WCU= Western Carolina University*
• University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences (

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